Tucunaré Açu Specklei

Peacock Bass Cichla Temensis

Kind of Tucunaré Paca Chila Temesis Tucunaré Açu Paca, or Tucunaré speckled species preserved in the Amazon The Peacock Bass (Tucuraré speckled) (Cichla temensis), called Tucunaré Paca in Brazil, is found in the Amazon River basin in Rio Negro and Drainage River Uatumã, the Orinoco River basin in Venezuela and Colombia. This species has three […]

Tipo de Tucunaré Açu

Peacock Bass Barred

Kind of Peacock Bass Barred Cichla Temensis One of the species of Tucunaré that inhabit the Amazon River The Peacock Bass Barred, scientific name (Cichla temensis), called Tucunaré Açu in Brazil; Tracks; Striped; Three bar or Tucunaré black barred, is dark green on the dorsal surface, mixing to a golden or green yellow on its […]

Tucunaré Açu Borboleta

Peacock Bass Butterfly

Species of Peacock Bass Butterfly Cichla Orinocensis Exemplar of Peacock Bass Cichala Orinocensis or Butterfly The Tucunaré Açu butterfly (Cichla orinocensis), also referred to as Tucunaré Orinoco; Tucucunaré Butterfly (Brazil), or Pavon Orinoco or moth (Venezuela), can be distinguished from other species of Tucunaré Açu by three black circular dots (called rosettes) along each side […]